Julian Segarra

The Manufacturer of Chert Brandies


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istilled skillfully, the master distiller controls the distillation process ably bringing out the separate interesting qualities of the plants with sufficient skill avoiding the breaking down of the distilled product.

      Julián Segarra Esbrí, The Manufacturer of Chert Brandies, is the last and only Distiller in the Maestrat district.


      The liquors are made by distilling original wild medicinal and aromatic plants. Fundamental in the manufacture of his liquors is the warming up of a copper still directly over a fire of special quality olivewood, which separates the favourable characteristics for the right quality of brandy produced by this old manufacturing system. Natural ageing in oak barrels, the calm of the warehouse, suitable atmosphere conditions, allow sufficient movement between barrels without the addition of any additives. Loyal to the tradition inherited from his predecessors obtained over years, the exquisite Maestrat Liquors have outstanding distinctive flavour, colour and their own aroma which are both distinctive and unmistakable.


      Moreover, he carries out all the activities relating to the production process from the care of his own vineyards, harvesting aromatic plants, repairing apparatus and machinery, manufacturing, packaging of his liquors and direct marketing. He personally sees those calling for an explanation of the distillation process and tasting of his produce but because of the small size of the distillery premises it is not possible to entertain groups of people.



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